Minutes September 12, 2004               

Meeting came to order at 12:45 PM


Introductions – 34 council members present


May Minutes – Approved


Financial Report – account currently around $22,000.00

            Treasurer not present

            Credit Cards distributed to officers and other committee chairs


Additions to the agenda taken


Midwest Meet of Champions – Track All-Stars

            Steve Cotherman – Boys won the meet for the first time since 1996

                        possible addition of triple jump and 4x200 relay

                        Michigan is interested in hosting the meet

            Julie Alano – seeding of the meet – times are sent, why is it not seeded

Team selection – set out criteria on the website – Steve Cotherman/Julie Alano


Mideast Meet – Cross Country All-Stars

November 20, 2004     Kettering, OH

            Girls 11:00                  

            Boys 11:30



            Online Registration continuing, will be used for Cross Country Clinic


Track & Field Clinic

Feb 10-12, 2005

            Registration upstairs again

            staggered session times

            discussions for different event areas – round table

            Ron Raver – distance

                        Ryan Potter – jumps

                        Bob Dahl – sprints/hurdles

                        Mark Harsha – throws

                        Contact them if you are interested in being on the panel

Contact Mike with possible speakers – email is best

            Speakers can get technology help from Kim Zimmerman

Clinic Fee has increased to $75 for online registration

Motion to increase the fee for walk-ins and mail-ins approved $85

We have to pay a large sum of money if not enough rooms are reserved.


Hall of Fame

            2005 Inductees online

            Ballot – need more nominations

            Longevity Awards – none so far

Please contact Ricke Stucker with nominations and longevity awards


CC Academic All-State

            Raising GPA and SAT  to 3.5 and 1200 or 26

            Athletic Criteria – on tournament roster


CC All-State

            Scott Lidskin – Girls

            Ken Whitt?? – Boys


Cross Country Clinic

            November 5-6, 2004

            Online Registration will be used

            Possible speakers – Cary Pinkowski, Rudy Chapa, Tim Keogh

                        3 guys from Hammond who ran under 9 minutes in the 2 mile in 1975

            Sam Bell – Former IU coach

            Other suggestions, please contact Chuck

            Cross Country issues discussed – Girls 5K, Semi-states


Cross Country/Track and Field Polls

            Rudy – Cross Country, he is getting more input so it should be more accurate

            Dick – Track

more info on how to vote will be added to website


Track Coach of the Year

            top 2 from each regional, plus one at large as long as they are members


IHSAA proposal year

            What proposals do we want to make?

                        CC 5 semi-states

                        CC Girls 5K


administrative changes

800, 1600 possible 2 turn stagger

            400 seeding the same as 300 Hurdles


CC State Meet permanent course

Central State – downtown Indy

            could be a good state meet course – this is what IHSAA wants – central location


State Track Meet

            warm-up for hurdlers and others

            PA system

            Coaches box for all field events


All-Star ring pricing??
            Why are they so high?


Nominations for official of the year

            Randy Barrett

            Dan Cummins

            John Yantiss


All-Star Staff

            Jeff Martin – is now men’s head coach


By-laws update

            Marty Hill – make it say what we do


NSR Indoor – Dean Slavens     March 11-12, 2005      Finals March 19, 2005

            3 possible sites – Depauw has volunteered

            Schools may be required to provide adult worker


Bill Walker – wife’s name is Dean, son Mike at Leo

            16436 Claystone Ct, Fort Wayne, IN 46845

            had a stroke and is suffering from Alzheimer’s


European Start – step-up start

            do we want to keep it?


Hoosier Harrier

            submitting – only emails accepted

            guidelines will be on the website

            someone interested in mailing them after the clinic – Dennis McNulty


Publicity – John Dempsey, Derek Lininger

            More info next meeting


Vendor Booth Charges – increased to $250 and $350

            more for the hallway


USATF – Cross Country          November 20, 2005

            State and Regional Meet combined at Fort Wayne - IPFW

            to qualify for national meet in Illinois     



812-877-1388 – Wabash Valley Sports Center


Meeting Adjourned 3:45