President: Kellison updated agenda items for end of meeting.


Secretary: minutes accepted. Thanks Julie!


Tres: Jason Draper updated us on the balance of savings and checking.

Things are o.k.

* Credit card inquiry?  Is this something we want to do?


Motion: Credit cards issued to those officers and key people.

1st: Fred Geswein

2nd: Kingery



All-Star(Mid-West)  June 14th date of  MEET at Ohio Weslayan


Boys Coaches:  John Kappas/Asst. Coach, Steve Cotherman/Head Coach, Bob Shank/Asst. Coach, Rick Stover/Asst. Coach, Lafey Armantrout/Asst. Coach

Could use another coach, possibly from the south.


Girls Coaches: Julie Alano(Head Coach) Brad Peterson-Josh Fletcher-Hope Sanders

Could use another coach, possibly for throws


Jay White: Mid-East All-Stars;  Both boys and girls teams won, and individuals were winners too.

Chuck Koeppen: Jay has done a great job with this program:


IATCCC Track and Field Clinic:

* Dennis McNulty: Indiana’s Best Magazine. Continue to do this?  Yes  Passed

Girls: 4x1600 and DMR results needed.


* Mike Chastain: Feb: 13-15 @ Sheraton at Keystone: 

6:30pm start to the clinic. Thursday  Coaches’  Social sponsored by Runner’s Forum


Friday: Begins at 8:15am  No Lunch for coaches this year.  Lunch on your own.

Sectional Council does have Lunch Friday. This is our meeting.

Business meeting is first followed by the rules meeting.

Hall of Fame Banquet: 7:00pm.  Inductees get 2 comp. tickets.  Coach of year and longevity awards people get 1 comp ticket.  Cost is $25 per ticket.

Clinic payment can start this Friday. Check or credit card.


* Sara Wyss: Academic All-State  75 certificates printed for all classes.

 First team Academic-All State:  Leave the two kids in question or not? Eric Kellison will call the coach and get the info. Eric will make the decision to add or delete them.


* Scott Lidskin: All-State XC.  Probably need more time to evaluate.  Ken Witt did the Boys All-State XC .  Thanks!  Certificates will be printed and sent out.


*Track & Field Polls: Dick Shenfeld(does the boys polls) will continue to do this. Still need a Southern Indiana rep. Jim Pearce will do the girls polls.


* XC Clinic: Chuck Koeppen-payment for speakers?  $200 for keynote out of state.  High school coach from Indiana gets the clinic fee. $75

Clinic Registration: Paid by the coaches  and paying them to speak.

Made $2000 from clinic and the money goes to the Mid-East staff to offset expenses.

Date: Week after the State meet. Saturday


* Coach of the Year XC and Track:  Fred Geswein will take care of this.

Reps need to bring this information to the September meetings. The information will be more fresh in our minds. XC will be handled at the XC clinic.



* Updates on XC / TF Proposals: Mike Chastain-Done in November.

A. Going to 25 places in state cross country meet to medal.

B. XC at-large bids?

C. Go to classes?

D. Girls XC going to 5k. (discussed)

E. Girls Pole Vault ( discussed)


Q: What do we want to include for the survey at the clinic?

Mike has a few written down already. 

** The State  Meet and the 27 in each event  needs to be addressed. We will add this to the survey.

** XC: Mike has a few written down already.

Add? Possibly add the XC realignment to the proposal.

Clarification on the additional race needs to be addressed.

5k for girls issue? Will be addressed at the clinic.


Election of New Officers: Vice President will take over at the clinic meeting and then they take over as President.

Nominations: Bob Shank

Steve Cotherman :

Steve Cotherman will be the next Vice-President


New  Business: Julie Alano will be the next Secretary

* Clinic Registration: Jason Draper and Julie Alano have done a great job on this. Registration is online again this year with an option to mail a check.

* Hall of Fame Banquet: Can be done online too.


* Ricke Stucker: Hall of Fame inductees and nominations are coming in and will be great next year too.

*Longevity Awards: Several

* Official of the Year: Nominations are Ken Miller-Lee Aldrich

Ken Miller won.


NSR: Bloomington and West Lafayette: March 7-8th and 15th (Finals)

website: NSR  ( Call Dean Slavens for information)

* Check the website for additional indoor meets.


* XC Award Ceremony at State Meet: (Scott Lidskin) He does not think it is very professional. Q: What can be done?  Put a committee together to investigate.

Committee will consist of Eric Kellison-Scott Lidskin-Sara Wyss-Chuck Koeppen-Rob Abrahm-Thom Smith-Doug Snyder.


Pole Vault: Bob Shank, go to the website and you can get a lot of information on the event.  No more excuses as to why you can’t have this sport and be educated on it.


Meeting adjourned @ 3:30pm