Council Minutes            December 5, 2004


Meeting Came to Order:  12:40


Minutes approved as they are online


Financial           $25, 540.19     current balance

By the end of December should be around $21, 000 when all bills have been paid


Midwest Report – Steve Cotherman former men’s head coach

                                    Jeff Martin new men’s head coach

                        Julie Alano – women’s head coach

Potential Candidates will be online to hopefully get their information


Mideast Report – Girl’s and Boy’s both placed third


Membership & Technology –

$75 register online by postmarked Friday before with check

or with credit card by Monday

$10 discount




Online registration cost just over $1000 last year


Track & Field Clinic     February 10-12, 2005

            Speakers on Thursday Night

            Staggering speakers so something is going on all the time

This should lessen hallway congestion and help AV set-up


Hall of Fame Banquet               February 11, 2005

            Signs directing people to where the banquet is

            Protocol or guidelines for inductees

            Buffet Dinner on Friday night


Cross Country Academic All-State and All-State

            Matt Parker will help to make sure this is published and certificates are mailed

            Sara Wyss – takes care of Academic All-State


Cross Country Clinic

            Went well even though it came together late

            Carmel High School and the hotel down the street worked out well


Cross Country Polls

            Rudy Skorupa – many sent polls to help out


Track Polls

            Dick Shenfeld

            Jim Pearce

            Information in clinic packet of who to send polls to so coaches can vote


Coach of the Year

            Guidelines – are we using them?  What should we use?

            Gannon Switzer, Thom Smith, Matt Parker, Bob Swank will look into a proposal


Cross Country Nominees

            Discussion as to who would be nominated


NSR Indoor Meet

            Friday Night at Purdue – only 80 teams

            Staring at 5:30 on Friday night at Purdue

            Volunteer workers of an event could wave your entry fee

            One 3200 meter race on trials night

            Website is up to date      

The council voted to continue to be a partial sponsor of this meet


IHSAA Report – Met with them in November

IIAAA voted on the three proposals below

IHSAA Executive Board meeting in December 16

Final decision to be made in May for next year possibly


            Pole Vault – scored event in every meet, whether or not the host facility supports it or not

            IIAAA vote 11 to 10 in favor

Cross Country 5 Semi-states                IIAAA vote 4 to 17 in favor

            Cross Country back to 4 week tournament  IIAAA vote 2 to 19 in favor



            turn into Ricke Stucker


Internal Audit by 2 members

            Marty Hill and Rick Stover


Vice President Nominees – will serve as VP for 2 years and then President for 2 years

            Scott Lidskin

Jeff Martin

Dennis McNulty – was voted as the new VP


Update on the By-laws

            look at them online, let Marty Hill know of things that should be changed and kept




Cross Country State Meet

            Blake Ress – interested in a rotating site for the state meet

            look for survey from IHSAA about rotating site


All-Star Team Selection

The head coaches will  work on a set criterion to be published on the web and at the clinic

Council voted to allow those coaches to finalize criterion


Hoosier Harrier – Most items are in and should be completed on schedule


Track & Field Class Proposal

            Joe Linville – Jimtown


Publicity for sports

            looking for a director to pay to make sure our sport is publicized


Meeting Adjourned 3:15 PM