12-4-05 IATCCC Sectional Council Minutes Meeting Began 12:33 PM


September minutes approved


Financial Report around $40,000

Jason Draper has resigned as treasurer

We are seeking a new treasurer.

We would like the new treasurer to report on income and expenses and set up a budget for Midwest, Mideast, Hall of Fame, and other expenses.


Midwest Meet The site is on a 4 year rotation. The next 4 years it will be in Michigan.

The site is near Jackson, MI

We need more coaches from all around the state. There will be a form available at the clinic that will describe the assistant position. We discussed the possibility of getting a bus to take athletes to the meet.


Mideast Meet

Girls, Boys, and combined 5th Place

3 weeks between State and Mideast Michigan runs qualifier which makes it an extra week, will contact Michigan about changing so it is sooner.

Next year 20 year anniversary, try to get former all-stars there

Check mideast website for more information

Possible shirts for Indiana All-Stars and past coaches



Track & Field Clinic February 10-12, 2005


556 pre-registered clinic online

47 pre-registered clinic by mail

19 registered Thursday night

42 registered Friday

641 Total Clinic Attendance

241 Total Arriving Thursday

400 Total Arriving Friday or Saturday

16 memberships online

7 memberships by mail

683 Total Membership 2-18-05


Membership 2-19-05 to 10-20-05


26 memberships paid

709 Total Membership


Cross Country Clinic November 4-5, 2005


35 Members Pre-registered online

7 Non-Members Pre-registered online

34 IATCCC Members registered at the door

11 Non-Members registered at the door

87 Total Attendance

727              2005 Total Membership


We may contact schools not attending the clinic to become members.


Track Clinic February 2-4, 2006

Schedule and registration information will be up soon.

Steve Cotherman has asked Bobby Cox to attend the clinic to discuss the change in sectional track entry scratches.


Cross Country Clinic

2005 clinic went well. We would like to increase attendance at this clinic.

Next year a postcard or flyer will be mailed to remind cross country coaches of the clinic.


Hall of Fame

Chuck Koeppen would like to lobby to get Jimmy Jones from Anderson Madison Heights

into the hall. He was one of the founders of our organization and was an excellent coach.


Academic All-State

Cross Country certificates should be mailed soon


NSR Indoor Classic Dean Slavens via phone conversation prior to meeting

All information should be posted on www.nsrclassic.com by December 15

For IHSAA meet count one qualifying meet and the finals count as 1 meet

Additional qualifying meets would count towards the allowable 16 meets

Entry Forms and Letter will be sent soon.

NO Qualifying Standards Top 12 times will advance to finals on March 18 at IU

We are requesting that Dean adjust this to include standards

Colleges asked that our athletes not wear needle spikes

Need someone to host March 11 meet at IU

IU has installed the wood banked track from the Dome. There will be some changes at the finals due to this.

Current Qualifying meets in March

March 3 Ball State Girls Only

March 4 DePauw and Taylor

March 8 Wabash

March 9 Purdue Invite Only(Lane Custer)

March 11 Purdue 10AM
March 11 Anderson (host Tipton)


Other meets mentioned Findlay, ISU meets 1-17, 1-24, 2-1


Official of the Year

Danny Cummins New Palestine


By-Laws Revision

Marty Hill has proposed changes that we will vote on at the clinic. They will be posted online before that for review.


Survey for IHSAA Proposals Survey will be sent January 9

Please send Steve any items for the survey


Publicity Director

Both former candidates have backed out.

These are some names of people we would like to consider.

Brandon Jones

Tim Creason

Derek Leninger??


Clinic Staff Fees Ed Stuffle

Ed proposed a scale to reduce the clinic fee as more coaches from a school attend.

The proposal was tabled. It is too late to administratively do this for 2006 clinic.

State Cross Country Meet Concerns

Starter did not make sure Assistant Starters were out of the way before starting.

Steve will contact Mike Dason about awards speaker system and announcer.


Meeting adjourned 3:20 PM