Minutes 2-14-03              To Afternoon Business Meeting Minutes


Lunch Sectional Council Meeting


Financial Report – Finances are good!

Clinic Attendance and Registration

519 registered online

Attendance 519


Track All-Stars Midwest Meet – June 14

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio

        Brooks will sponsor

        Uniforms provided by Brooks this year

        Jackets at cost for the athletes to retun

Jeff Martin – also to help on staff


Clinic Report

Sponsors      Brooks

                       Runners Forum

                       Methodist Sports

                       Donated Considerably Please thank them


        Attendance down

        Why?         Valentine’s Day, Weekend before practice begins, weather


        Business Meeting Agenda Discussed


        Clinic Surveys proof read


        McNulty’s Best       $6.00


        Hoosier Harrier        $3.00 ea


        Binders and T-shirts   $5.00


State Track Meet Hospitality          Talk to Brebeuf


CC All-Stars Mideast Meet – keep talking it up to athletes


Coach of the year

        Track – 1st and 2nd in Regional        1 at large

        CC – top 4 in Semistate              1 at large


        What about coaches who are not members? 

        send reminders in the mail to become a member     

Possibly just recognize the state champ coach and state meet participants           







Business Meeting Minutes            2-14-03        3:40 PM             


Treasurer’s Report – 540 pre-registered       80 walk-ins

                       530 total attendance


Bobby Cox – IHSAA Commissioner


        Girls Pole Vault Experiment – presented to executive committee on Friday, Feb 21, 2003

                Non-scored event this season throughout the season and in the state tournament

                Information will be distributed to schools and coaches after it is approved


Rules Interpretation Meeting  3:50 PM – 4:50 PM

Lee Aldridge

Fred Steinkamp

Question & Answer - Bobby Cox


Track All-Stars - Midwest Meet of Champions Report               Steve Cotherman/Julie Alano

        please send info about potential athletes to coaches


CC All-Stars - Mideast Cross Country Report                        Doug Snyder         


NSR Indoor Classic           www.nsrclassic.com


December – receive contract

January – receive entry form

Similar time schedule to Bomber Boiler Relays

starting height         Men 5’ 8”     Women 4’ 8”         Pole Vault     11’

Minimum requirement in long jump and throws for measurement

12 best times total from both sites or any qualifying times advance to the finals


New Officers introduced


Survey process explained by Mike Chastain


Survey item discussion

For    Chuck Koeppen – only 3 or 4 states run less than 5K

Rick Weinheimer – recruiting disadvantage, cannot be national ranked, meet

setup easier

Against        Steve Kearney – successful, better system, run better with fewer racing


                We will not be able to have it in Bloomington after this fall

Banquet provided by Terre Haute Civic League following state meet

For     Fred Geswein – Where do you draw the line between classes?

Other sports that do have class are being ranked in the state makes our sport feel bad, most other states are class

Against        Julie Alano – History, One state champ, pushing your athletes, small school good athletes do not get a chance to compete against good competition


For     Fred Geswein – small school champion – last one ‘63


Against Gannon Switzer – athletes get to compete against all good athletes not just ones

from big or small schools



Steve Cotherman – Cross Country 5 semi-state format


Pole Vault – Bob Shank

        Excuses – money, qualified coach, interested athletes

        Fundraisers, do your job – learn about what you coach, very competitive state meet

        USA Olympians


Girls Pole Vault – Tim Richey

        Include it in your invitational, do it for the athletes, go to the website and get information

        Tradition, add women to the tradition

        Why is it not scored? 


Door Prizes – almost everyone in attendance at this point received a door prize


Meeting adjourned 6:00