2-13-04 Sectional Council Lunch Meeting 12:24 PM


Last Minutes approved as they are online


Financial we will come out ahead from the clinic

this will help with other expenses

detailed report will be online soon


Midwest, All-Stars

returning seniors should receive a letter or fax from the head coach


Initial Clinic Numbers - does not include walkins

370 Registered Online

130 Hand Written


Clinic Thoughts

Projector larger screen

speakers must use microphone

more event round tables Jeff Martin volunteered to do hurdles next year

level of speakers beginning, advanced


Hall of Fame New Programs


Track & Field Polls

Girls Email Jim Pearce

Boys Email Dick Shenfeld


Track State Meet Hospitality Steve Cotherman

IU will provide this year


By-laws update Marty Hill

will have update at May Meeting


NSR Indoor Classic Dean Slavens

Email him ideas for the stopping point in the 1600, 3200, and 3200 Relay

Entry Due Date March 3


Organization Positions

Send Mike a check list of your duties ASAP


Brooks Sponsorship

more at May meeting

Methodist Sports Medicine has decreased their sponsorship


Cross Country State Meet IHSAA will make a decision next week, most likely Terre Haute


Next Meeting May 2, 2004 Lawrence Central High School


Meeting Adjourned 12:50PM






2-13-04 Business Meeting at the Clinic 4:30 PM


Called to Order by President Michael Chastain


Meeting began with questions


Midwest Report Steve Cotherman


Mideast Report Jay White


NSR Indoor Classic Dean Slavens

www.nsrclassic.com Entries due March 3


Proposal to the IHSAA process & procedures

even years

what happens

our opinions versus what actually happens

Eric Kellison report from meetings with IHSAA

IHSAA is looking at class for individual sports including cross country

They want 2 classes, 590 cutoff between classes

IHSAA would like a permanent State CC meet site

still working on central state hospital site

Semistate Sites will be needed


Steve Cotherman Cross Country Class Committee

short meeting afterwards


5K for girls cross country still a survey item votes needed to make change


Suggestion for flip flopping who runs first in cross country every year


State Track Meet Bloomington 2004

Steve Cotherman Hospitality Room IU will take care of it this year

How long is the track state meet at IU?????


Pole Vault Bob Shank/Tim Richey

Girls pole vault went very well

We have nationally ranked girls

Vault Clinic at Lawrence North 9:30 11:00 AM Saturday


New Business


Concern about colleges dropping track and field

association to make proposal to keep it

we need to speak out as an association


Cross Country

teams shutting down at sectional not running a full squad

Tuesday Saturday problem


Door Prizes McNulty


120 coaches in attendance