IATCCC Minutes 5-4-03 12:35 PM Lawrence Central High School




2-14-03 Minutes Approved



Make sure athletes know about the meet and the prestige of being an All-Star

June 14, 2003 Ohio Wesleyan University


All information is posted on the website as soon as possible when received.

Contact Julie Alano if you have questions or concerns



2004 Inductees announced


March, April teams that look good

May begin looking at who will score points at State

Jim Pearce will keep a girls state best list


One Form standardized on website year round


Hoosier Harrier Printing, Mistakes

20/20 photos possibly sponsor

Checking with printer from Fort Wayne and Portage


Checking with IHSAA about tent with drinks and possibly sandwiches


Sectional Changes Some schools realigned this season in Track with little or no warning and no input or discussion from our association

Girls Pole Vault

Spring Bulletin needs to be sent sooner

Representatives from our association will attend meetings with IHSAA this week

IHSAA will be discussing Practice dates and class



Chairman Marty Hill, Steve Kearney, Joni Sanders, Julie Alano

Keystone Sheraton Registration in a room not in the lobby


Rules Interpretation Meeting 2 to 3 small sessions

Need speakers for clinic. High School Coaches and others

Business meeting followed by keynote speakers

Specific meetings to discuss issues like polls, realignment, and class

Committee meetings



Decided that it is not necessary


290 schools participated, 1900 participants

Contracts sent in December

Entry forms sent at end of February or early March

University people were great

Officials need more officials for it to run more smoothly

170 schools at Purdue, 120 schools at IU

Changes for next year

Time limit for longer races

4x400 in alleys

FAT for all races

Finals in the long jump, shot put


resending to some schools



Meeting adjourned 2:35



Members in attendance


Michael Chastain

Gannon Switzer

Ron Raver

Jan Hubers

Bob Potter

Steve Kearney

Jim Pearce

Ricke Stucker

Roberta Honegger

Josh Fletcher

Brad Peterson

Mark Harsha

Julie Alano

Rudy Skorupa

Doug Snyder

Jay White

Joni Sanders

Rick Stover

John Kappes

Dean Slavens

Bill Duffy

Dick Shenfeld

Steve Cotherman

Rob Abraham

Eric Kellison

Scott Lidskin