May 5, 2002 Sectional Council Minutes


Minutes from 2-1-02 approved



John Kappas in process of contacting athletes

Venue Sports team bag for the all-star team

100 bags @ $600

Joni Sanders in process of contacting athletes


Accept checks in mail after registering online


Clinic Mike Chastain

Looking for new hotel after complaints about parking, lunch, and layout

Looking at 3 weekends Jan 30,31, Feb 1

Feb 6,7,8

Feb 14,15,16

Speakers looking for input


Hall of Fame Ricke Stucker

Longevity Awards due December 1

2003 Inductees announced



Dick Shenfeld getting info from people

State Bests start a list on the website

Jim Pearce need info from South


IIAAA Changes in our sport

5K for girls in cross country

PV for girls in track and field

New state meet advancement in cross country

25 medals at state meet

Some need more approval on survey


New survey item switch 1600 and 3200 in Track

Helmets required for vaulters


Meeting Monday, May 6 for association representative Mike Chastain

More coach passes for State Tournament

Pole Vault mat size, helmets, girls

Girls 5K 3 4x800 races at State


Academic All-State Scott Lidskin

Fax to Ed Stuffle

Coach of the Year

Top 2 from each regional plus 1 at-large determined by council representative

Top 3 from each semi-state plus 2 at-large determined by council representative



All-Star Staff

Brad Peterson, Josh Fletcher will help out with the girls track


State Indoor Meet 2003

North half of state to Purdue for Friday, Saturday Trials

South half of state to IU for Friday, Saturday Trials

Next weekend for Finals alternating between Purdue and IU


Clinic Speakers

High School Coaches paid $100 for 2 sessions

no reimbursement of clinic fee


Meeting adjourned 2:30 PM



Michael Chastain Culver Academy

Ron Raver Batesville

Ricke Stucker Kokomo

Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jeff

Chuck Koeppen Carmel

Rob Abraham Brown County

Larry Williams Bloomington South

Lafey Armontrout Crown Point

Carl Wagner Martinsville

Joni Sanders Pike

Lisa Gausman Lawrence North

Scott Lidskin Westfield

Rick Stover North Central

John Kappes Portage

Steve Cotherman East Central

Dick Shenfeld Homestead

Dean Slavens Columbia City

Brad Peterson Concordia

Josh Fletcher Northridge

Ken Witt Crown Point

Jay White Portage

Rudy Skorupa Lake Central

Jim Pearce Harrison

Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

Eric Kellison Franklin Central