Minutes – May 1, 2004            12:40 PM




Minutes Approved


Financial Report not available – should be online at some point


Midwest Meet of Champions – June 12, 2004

            Contact Steve Cotherman or Julie Alano if you have an all-star candidate

            Selections will be made around the time of the state meet.


Membership – Technology


Possibly sell association email list to vendors next year

Membership list will used to email reminders about association deadlines


2004 Clinic and Membership Report

last updated 4-27-04



377 pre-registered clinic online

118 pre-registered clinic by mail

33 registered Thursday night

65 registered Friday or Saturday



Total Clinic Attendance:  576


Total Arriving Thursday:  209

Total Arriving Friday or Saturday:  367


23 membership online

20 membership by mail


Total Membership:  619



Clinic went well

            Hall of Fame – saved money went to buffet instead of sit down

                                    Saved money with different vendor for plaques

Speakers – comments were good, this was the most speakers that we have had at a clinic



Hall of Fame

            2005 Inductees will be contacted soon

            Announcement will be made via the media around the State Track Meet

            Hall of Fame Banquet – February 11, 2005

            Possible virtual hall of fame



            Dick Shenfeld- polls online every week

            Contact Dick or Jim with results that will help in the polls


NSR Indoor Classic

            Girls Pole Vault – trials next year

            Contact another site for more trials – Anderson, Rose Hulman, Ball State

            Friday night went very late at both Purdue and IU



IHSAA Executive Meeting with Association Report

Report on the Coaches Associations meeting with IHSAA Executive staff – April 26, 2004


All 5 commissioners were present --- Michael Chastain & Steve Cotherman represented the IATCCC & Merle Hines represented the ICGSA in the sports of XC & track.


Agenda items:


  • Mandate to shorten the practice time for some sports to put all sports in a similar situation  --- all sports would have 12 possible practice days before the first legal competition date (10 would still be required – 2 for girls golf-football would have 16 possible practice days) --- XC & TF seasons are not changed from the current system.
  • Fall ISTEP moratorium – a possibility
  • Moratorium week each summer – 4th of July week
  • Tournament entry lists ---- possible expansions
  • “By association adoption” --- almost no rules in book that IHSAA adopts
  • Discussed XC state meet @ LaVern Gibson course
  • Discussed T&F meet @ IU
  • Discussed girls vault
  • Discussed girls XC distance moving to 5k
  • Need high marks from surveys: 70% is the understood level
  • Everyone then had an opportunity to ask questions or comment on anything



Following this meeting, the coach reps from the individual sports and the staff met at Bravo restaurant for lunch & a meeting with the IIAAA to talk more about individual sport proposals for the coming year.  Steve C. & Michael C. met with Ray Craft and Blake Ress to discuss possibilities of proposed changes.


Discussed 5k for girls & 5 semi-state possibility - Cotherman


Our meeting with IIAAA Board of Directors with proposals will be Nov. 17 & then with the IHSAA Executive Committee on Dec. 14 --- Board of Directors will vote on any proposals @ May 2, 2005 meeting.


Survey Proposals


Survey items: 

5k girls – no opinion

5 semi-states in XC

XC classes

Vault 48 hour rule – count vault just like any other event

Vault equipment questions

If you don’t have vault --- “why not” questions

Girls vaulting this year – anticipated # next year

T&F classes

Total number of athletes in cross country, track


Track and Cross Country Academic All-State

            Drop Class Rank – council voted unanimously

Tabled to September 12 meeting Ed and Sara will bring data

Change minimum GPA to 3.25

            Change minimum SAT to 1200 and ACT equivalent


All-State Certificates – given to athletes with their medals

            Will check with IHSAA


State Meet Hospitality

            IU will be providing a hospitality room at the state meet this year.


Coach of the Year Nominees

            Committee to look at criteria for coach of the year and update them in the bylaws

            Fred Geswein, Gannon Switzer, Thom Smith


By-laws Revision

            Marty Hill, Joni Sanders

            Last amended May 1986

            Framework to be a non-for-profit organization

            A proposal will be made at September meeting


2005 Track & Field Clinic

            February 10-12, 2005              Sheraton          


            Stagger session start times

            Reasons – audio-visual equipment, vendors

            More roundtable discussions


            Registration will stay in the room upstairs


            Contract with hotel goes through 2007 

            Do we want to continue with the Sheraton?

            We may contact IUPUI and the Marriot

            Possibly move the banquet offsite



            Hall of Fame Banquet

            2 comp tickets to each inductee

            1 comp ticket to each nominee

            $25 tickets 2004 cost us $27

            Motion to increase price to $30 for 2005

            Voted unanimously


Hoosier Harrier

            20/20 photo sold out and did not get the photos in a timely manner

            much more professional product


Brooks sponsorship proposal

            Should have it in September


Out of state travel concerns were discussed


Meeting adjourned 3:12 PM


Next Meeting   September 12, 2004                 Lawrence Central