May 1, 2005                Sectional Council Minutes         Lawrence Central High School


Attendance:  26 council members present                      Call to Order    12:30 PM


Minutes from February Meeting – Approved


Financial Report – emailed from Jason

Every bill I have has been paid and every check has cleared.

in the checking account there is $30155.95

and in the savings account there is $15329.43

for a total of $45485.38

this fiscal year is starting out better than last year did


All-Star Report – Jeff Martin, Julie Alano

            Criterion for selection will be posted

            Clothing orders were discussd

            Athletes selections were discussed


Membership Report – Julie Alano

Track & Field Clinic        February 10-12, 2005


556      pre-registered clinic online

  47      pre-registered clinic by mail

  19      registered Thursday night

  42      registered Friday


641      Total Clinic Attendance

241      Total Arriving Thursday 

400      Total Arriving Friday or Saturday


 16       memberships online

  7        memberships by mail


683      Total Membership        2-18-05


Clinic Report – Mike Chastain

            About 3 big speakers already set up for next year.

            Looking for good high school and junior high coach speakers


            Sheraton Hotel contract ends with 2007 clinic

                        Contacted Marriott next to the Sheraton

Discussed when we want the hall of fame banquet and if we want to go to high schools on Saturday again.

            Plan not to contract Saturday morning – move to a high school for sessions

            Add survey item about adding banquet to clinic fee


Hall of Fame – Ricke Stucker

            Have athletes speak first at the banquet

            2006 Inductees announced

            December 1 – Hall of Fame Nominations, Longevity Awards

            Banquet ticket for longevity awards – motioned and approved


Track Polls – Dick Shenfeld                  Jim Pearce not present

            send info to them if you want to help


Academic All-State      Due next week for Track

            Next fall changes may have to be made for the new SAT


NSR Changes discussed for a while

            2 proposed changes – Dean Slavens, Dennis McNulty

            More information and discussion in September


IHSAA Proposals

            Practice start date

            2-week moratorium in the summer


            Track state meet

                        seed the 400, 4x400 like the 300H, 4x100 – survey item

                        change the 800 from a 1-turn stagger to a 2-turn stagger – not an issue


            Cross Country

                        Switching who runs first each year boys and girls – survey item

            25 medals for cross country individuals – IHSAA will evaluate that again this spring


By-laws – Marty Hill not present


Publicity Director

            do we want to pay someone to do this job

motion to pay up to $500 quarterly – approved

The executive committee will choose a director soon


State’s Best List

            Matt Parker will use IndianaRunner list to distribute to the AP

            It will also be posted on IATCCC website


Discussion for future

            Daylight Savings Time


All-Star staff selections


State Hospital site in Indianapolis          – may become future state meet site

Indianapolis Semi-State may be there this fall, cannot run at Southeastway

            Indy Parks Department – contact if you would like to run a meet there this fall


            Running on the roads – safety issues


Meeting Adjourned       3:20 PM


Next Meeting               September 11, 2005                 Lawrence Central High School