Indiana Track & Field All-Star Team Selection Criterion


1.       Senior athletes from Indiana competing in Track & Field.


2.       Top athletes in each event will be determined by their performances in ALL state tournament competitions.  Selections will be made at the conclusion of the state tournament.


For Track & Field                                Individual Events           3 Athletes

                                                                        Relay Events                 4 Athletes

Some athletes will be asked to do more than one event, but hopefully not more than 2


3.       Interest shown by athlete.  Are they committed to traveling to Fort Wayne for the meet?


4.       Final team determination is up to the head coach of the all-star team who volunteers their time and effort to select and contact all team members.  All members of the IATCCC are eligible to volunteer to assist the head coach of the Indiana All-Star team.



            Selected athletes will compete in a multi state meet representing Indiana.  By making this team they will be added to a list of elite athletes that have competed in these meets during their long history.  Many Olympians and Hall of Fame athletes are former Indiana Track & Field All-Stars.